How To Connect
Supported Versions: 3.3.5a, 4.3.4, 10.x.x.

Step 1: Register an account in our discord by messaging Undamed Bot. The command is /register USERNAME PASSWORD
Step 2: Download and install our Windows Launcher. (We do not have a Mac launcher)
Step 3: Open C:\Program Files (x86)\UD Gaming Servers\UDLauncher\UndamedLauncher.exe.config and set the paths to your wow installs.
Step 4: Run Undamed Launcher.exe
You still have to download patch-Y.MPQ for WotLK from HERE
Latest Announcement
  Latest Fixes - Dragonflight
Posted on December 2, 2022 by [Admin] Undamed Staff
 - Added sell prices to all obtainable main pieces.
 - Fixed revive bug.
 - Fixed crazy amounts of lag.
 - Account creation is now handled by bnetserver every 30 seconds.
  Latest Fixes - Dragonflight
Posted on December 1, 2022 by [Admin] Undamed Staff
 - Spells/Druid: Fixed Wild Mushroom.
 - Fixed problem with learning default talent spells.
 - Fixed multiple memory errors and crashes.
 - Spells/Mage: Fixed Ice Lance doing double damage.
 - Started work on areatriggers.
 - Fixed loot bug.
 - Spells/Druid: Fixed Shred.
 - Fixed errors with Demon Hunters that caused server to crash.
  Dragonflight Development - Dragonflight
Posted on October 28, 2022 by [Admin] Undamed Staff
 - We have started the development of a new Dragonflight realm that is loosely based off of Divine Cata!
  Discord Payouts - General
Posted on September 23, 2022 by [Admin] Arron
 - You can now use the bot to do Micro VC -> VC payouts! Go to the gaming channel and type /job balance for more info.
Realm Status


Online Players : 0
Alliance : 0 Horde : 0
Patch : [10.0.0] (New Realm)

Divine Cataclysm

Online Players : 0
Alliance : 0 Horde : 0
Patch : [4.3.4] (OG Realm)


Online Players : 0
Alliance : 0 Horde : 0
Patch : [3.3.5] (New Realm)


Online Players : 1
Alliance : 0 Horde : 1
Patch : [3.3.5] (OG Realm)
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